Global Sitting for Bát Nhã - October 4th, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please support this effort - a silent sitting for our brothers and sisters. Send this invitation out to all your friends and post it on all media nets that you are part of.

Thank you for your support,

Brother Phap Dung
Abbot of Deer Park Monastery
on behalf of the HBN Crew

Dear friends,

This coming Sunday October 4th,2009, thousands of people from Sanghas and communities around the world are invited to sit together to give support to our Brothers and Sisters in Vietnam so that they can continue to practice freely together. Let us come together and sit for 15 to 30 minutes. If you are at home, sit. If you can be with your Sangha, sit. Gather your friends and loved ones and sit. Show the monks and nuns in Vietnam that we are here for them.

To give more impact and solidarity to our sitting, we propose that everyone wear a small piece of yellow cloth on their left shoulder. The yellow color is a symbol of the sanghati robe (ceremonial robe) that monks and nuns wear. Enjoy your sitting and send us your pictures so that a slideshow can then be sent out via the Internet. To do so, here are a few techniques you can follow so we can easily use your pictures:

  1. Focus on the group rather than individuals, preferably with everyone visible (and sitting). Be creative!
  2. Format of pictures: in color, 1500 pixels wide x 1000 pixels high (no bigger, otherwise our mailbox will be overloaded with info). Maximum: 1MB.

Send your pictures to:

May the Bodhisattvas and our spiritual ancestors support our effort,
May all beings be happy and safe,
Enjoy our sitting!

The Help Bat Nha Community around the world